You may have seen many people using electric scooters for a greener, cheaper and more importantly, a fun way to commute around our towns and cities.

Even though, for the most part electric scooter riders go unhindered, due to old bylaws at present it is strictly illegal to ride electric scooters on public footpaths and roads in the UK.

At present pressure is being put on the Government to change these old laws through Government Petitions and demonstrations around Parliament.

Transport for London (Tfl) has also requested the Government look into bringing in regulations for e scooters in line with most other European capitals which allow e -scooters as there are thousands already using them in the capital.

Please be wary of the law and always wear a helmet and protective clothing, be considerate towards other vehicles and people while riding.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they abide by the law of the country they are using the vehicle and use responsibly and safely at all times.

All liabilities and risks associated with the use of electric scooters are the responsibility of the customer only and not E-Zoom or any associated sellers.