Scooter Puncture Repair

E-Zoom can only repair punctures on e-scooters purchased through E-Zoom, and punctures on Xiaomi M365 scooters including similar clones that have not been purchased through E-zoom. Sorry we are unable to repair punctures on other models of e-scooters.

Options for supply and fitting new tyre and inner tube, or simply supply and fitting new inner tube if the tyre is in good condition. To book your scooter in for a puncture repair, call 0741 500 40 38, drop off your scooter, we will fix your puncture, and have your scooter ready for collection next day.

We fix all 8.5 x 2 Inch tyres which covers most  M365/M365 Pro, Essential tyres etc, and all M365 clone scooters with the same size tyres.

We can install Slime anti puncture fluid to help combat future punctures for an extra £4.50 per tyre.

Sorry, we do not have the facilities to install solid tyres.